Levent Özkazanç  

Levent Özkazanç was born in Ankara in 1981. As a child, he was an extrovert, eager to run after his goals. He had enthusiasm both for music and football and realized his goal to become a footballer by being chosen to Gençlerbirliði football team. For about 6 years he played for Genclerbirligi and became a member of the national team. Then because of the dominance of his interest in music, he made a major decision and quitted playing football and chose music as a career. This would mean a completely different life style for him.

Levent Özkazanç graduated from Arý College and Deneme High School. During his school years he was highly interested in becoming a dj ,did his best to gather information about this profession from professionals and tried to put his ideas into practise at every possibility. Besides, because of his deep interest in party organisations, he co-organised parties with his friends, himself being the dj of the occasions. Within a single season, he had the opportunity to work at Likya and Corte Club and became quite busy with the addition of some extra work in this field. In spite of being busy, not satisfied with being a dj only, he stepped into the field of music production as an amateur. Later on this turned out to be a chance for him to win awards as a professional. Working on his two favourite fields, he had great satisfaction and pleasure. Moreover, it was now time to have a bigger goal like playing in big clubs and becoming a part of bigger organisations. He received the offer he had been waiting for in 2003 from Kaya Hotel. He went to Side and for the first time performed outside Ankara. He was very good and accepted the offer from the hotel owners and spent the whole summer season there. Levent Özkazanç also played in Simena Holiday Club, Ceylan International and Voyage. He was invented to a 15-night long party organised for 5000 university students studying in Austria by Mission to Beach (M2B), a big organisation company, as a guest dj. He was successful enough to be mentioned by some foreign pres members. During summer months he Works at big hotels and clubs, and in winter he works at exclusive clubs like Piyasa_Jungle, Venue, Life and Salata Club in Ankara and sometimes does some additional work outside the capital city. He also Works at Radio Gazi, having accepted the offer from Gazi University. He is still interested in producing music as well and has increased his work in this field. In 2007 he competed in the remix contest organised by Radio Vision, one of the most popular radio channels in Ankara, and was chosen the best dj. Honoured by this success, he continued working and worked as dj together witn M.U, in the spring festival organised in Çankaya University , where he also studied. In the summer he worked at Medusa Club, one of the biggest open air clubs in Türkiye. The songs whose productions were done by him have been frequently listened to at different radio channels at have been at the top of the popular songs lists. Moreover, he was mentioned among the three most popular djs in Ankara in a popular magazine.

Levent Özkazanç continues to follow his path, working on various productions and organisations.